Therapeutic Massage Therapy

The benefits of massage are felt in the reduction or elimination of chronic pain. Additional benefits are, increased energy, improved circulation, and increased flexibility resulting in improved mobility. We use TheraStim will all massages, find out more about this service.


60-minute Massage $80.00 (Package of 5 one-hour sessions $375.00)

90-minute Massage $110.00

Neuromuscular, and Deep Tissue massage therapy addresses issues such as chronic back pain, headaches, Tendonitis, Shin splints, Carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder injuries and symptoms of Sciatica.


Hot Stone Massage $120.00

Hot Stone massage using Synergy Hot Stones is a 90-minute massage. These hot stones are used actively in the massage leaving the client feeling relaxed, muscle tension will be gone, heat aids in the relaxing of the muscle tissue.

After Treatment Care

The effects of deeper techniques can take several days to be fully absorbed so you may feel stiff and sore. This is a sign that stored toxins within the tissues of your body are working their way out.

Here are some suggestions to help after your massage to make it more beneficial:

  • Drink water for the next couple of days. Massage releases lactic acid and other substances that build up in your body. A good measure to follow is 1/2 of your body weight in ounces is considered the proper amount of water to drink daily. For example if you weigh 100 lbs. you should drink 50 ounces of water. This will help cleanse and hydrate your system to flush out the impurities that massage will bring to the surface.
  • Take a relaxing bath with any of the following: 1/2 cup of baking soda and 1/2 cup of epson/sea salt. Or add 1 cup of apple cider vinegar.
  • A stretching routine between therapy sessions will bring about needed change for muscles.

What Is TheraStim?

TheraStim, company known as ARPwave, is a neuromuscular stimulator which introduces electrical signals to the body through conductive electrode pads to provide therapeutic treatment for a variety of conditions. During a TheraStim treatment, pads are placed in the area of complaint, and patients may be asked to move the area of complaint in order to isolate a specific muscle or group of muscles, and to increase range of motion in a joint.

What makes TheraStim unique?
The WAVEFORM – Compound, double exponential, asymmetric wave form.

  • High level of direct current.
  • Deepest soft tissue penetration resonates with the human system.
  • Body’s natural resistance “drops out.”



Therapist uses pad placement statically or moving around area of complain, and patient maybe in motion during the treatment.
• Using same movement that causes pain or displays faulty movement pattern.
• Opens up current to the charge of injury.
• Dissipates charge of injury more effectively.


Results are immediate and dramatic.

  • Significantly shortens healing process.
  • Reduction of scar tissue, inflammation and increases blood flow.
  • Helps breakdown the collagen binding caused by soft tissue damage.
  • Often returns muscle to pre-injury condition.

What conditions are treated by TheraStim?
Headaches, Sprain/Strain, Decreased Range of Motion, Joint injury, Inflammation, Sciatica, Shin Splints, Plantar Fasciitis, TMJ disorders, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Muscle spasms, Whiplash, and so much mo