What is Therapeutic Massage?

Therapeutic massage is an effective therapy geared toward the relief of chronic pain.  With the use of several different integrated techniques, this type of massage can be very effective in injury rehabilitation, repetitive movement conditions, and overall wellness.  Pain is something one does not have to live with.  My goal for my clients is to treat your pain complaint and evaluate the underlying condition that could have caused the pain to begin with:

  • Plan and chart individual treatment and progress.
  • Integrate appropriate Massage and Muscle Energy Techniques.
  • On-going preventative maintenance massages.
  • Client education and preparation is key.

Service Highlights

Hot Stone Massage / $110.00

Hot Stone Massage is a one and a half hour session using heated stones in conjunction with therapeutic massage techniques.  The heated stones aid in the relaxing of muscle tissues to leave you feeling refreshed and free of tension.

Did you know?

Myofascial Release is a technique of very slow, deep sustained pressure on muscles that can release short, tight muscle or fascial networks along the body.  This release allows the therapist to access the deeper muscle layers.

Also Available...

  • Gift Certificates
  • Corporate Chair Massages
  • Insurance Billing upon approval

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